One of The People Charged for Stealing Lady Gaga's Dogs Claims She Found Them Where?!

Updated: May 2

The best entertainment news comes from news that's actually entertaining and not just gossip, in my opinion. So when my colleague shared this news with me, it was only right I talk about this just a little.

See, what had happened was there's this 50-year-old woman that has now been charged as the fifth and most recent person for kidnapping Lady Gaga's dogs. She professed to have found the dogs tied up and abandoned in an alley. Really bruh? That's not even the funniest part. The woman got caught because she was trying to claim the $500k reward and didn't think the investigators (the people who get PAID to do thorough background checks for a living) would connect her to being an associate to the father of one of the other young men charged with the robbery from when the dogs went missing! 🤣😭 #wildyo She must've never watched Criminal Minds before.

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