Writers Corner: Manifesting and Writing During Times of Writers Block

Updated: May 12

Dear Fellow writer, I know times seem dull; some of our pens have dried up due to the lack of imagination from being barred in for almost a year. Some of us can only write as far as our environment allows us; however, there is something else you could be writing about if you’re in a funk or stuck with writer’s block. Suffering from an extreme case of brain mesh can cause the ordinary person to sink into a state of confinement, but it should be a time of clearing headspace for the writer.


Since this issue of W.I.L.D.! is all about manifestation, let’s explore how this can help us become better with our pen. Do you ever stop and think if you are creating something more than just a piece of writing? Have you ever given thought about what vibration or frequency level your writings might put out into the universe? Now might be the time to start thinking about all of that. It might be hard to take in, but yes, you can manifest your destiny through your writings without even knowing. To be a good writer is a sure goal, but to become a better writer is never-ending. The masses may think the only way to practice the art of manifestation is through thought; well, my little Pensters, there’s always more than one way to skin a cat!


The first thing you want to do when manifesting through writing is to write!! Lol. I know it may seem like something one should know, but this is the hardest part of writing anything. The actual starting process is arduous. However, I guarantee once you start, you won’t stop. Once you start writing and writing consistently, you then need to figure out the type of writer you are. However, don't get too caught up in this part of the process because the writer you start as might change, as you get better with your pen. The best writer is the versatile writer, but for manifesting you need to be sure of where and how far you want your pen to go. If you’re going to stick to local topics, you want to be a local journalist, meaning you only cover a particular area. If that’s you, your focus should be on being the best damn local journalist around town. If you want to write books, then manifest being the best author there is. I could go on, but you get my point. Right?


There are three ways to manifest. In all ways, you still must use pen and paper. The three ways to manifest or unlock true potential are through thought, words, or actions. After you have THOUGHT about which genre you want your pen to reside in, you need to WRITE it down so that you can speak it into existence, but don’t forget you will have to put ACTION to those words. If you want to become a best-selling author, after you have thought about it, after you have written it down with paper and pencil, after you have asked for blessings and said a prayer, now you have to start writing books. You can't become a best-selling author without a book. Sorry to burst your bubble if you didn’t know that.

The tongue is mighty, but the pen is powerful. To be the best type of writer is to write with purpose. It’s also a good idea to have a clear intent on what you want your masterpiece to do besides make it on the bestseller list. Are you writing with the intention to educate, to bring awareness, to entertain, or to think? Even if you find that you want to write for leisure, put clear intent behind it.

Manifestation has layers just like our minds; many writers don't get to peel back their layers in real-time. Or so we think. When we start using the tools we have, our pens, that's when we can change our destiny. There are key things to remember when invoking manifestation through writing.

  • 1. Use a pencil and paper.

  • 2. Always write whatever it is you're trying to communicate to the universe on white paper. Better to use paper without lines

  • 3. Keep all writings in one book

  • 4. Make sure you follow up physically on what you have written and asked for...

  • 5. The essential part is, keep it between you and the universe.

Well, pensters, thanks for coming to hang out on the corner of W.I.L.D MAG. See you next issue where we talk to SistaLadiFriend Publishing Company about the pros and cons of writing!

'Til our pens meet again,

The Writers Corner

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