Do You Dare to Yoni? Take this Quiz!

Updated: May 2

During one of those goofy moments that sista friends have, my girl was like, "Are you yoni-ing? Everyone is doing it?" Then I said, "Yeah, I get my yoni on!" We laughed and that is how I came up with this flowchart. It's all in jest, so it's supposed to be light and fun. I know Yoni is not a verb, but guess what, it is now! Have fun following the flow and see where you end up. Be sure to read the descriptions below the flowchart for a breakdown.


Queen Sistar! You are one with your yoni and enjoying the creative healing energy! You feel naked without your glittering menagerie of yoni eggs and crystals. U love flowers, especially in your spiritual bath or yoni pot. See you & your tribe at the next henna party or belly dance class!!

U Outchea Twerking:

Even if it's only in the mirror. There’s a sacred wombman in you waiting to break out!! You ready, but something’s holding you back. Maybe it’s your schedule or a little out of your comfort zone. You are on the brink of your feminine awakening and it’s about to be transformational, take time to get to know you, check your inner voice, do you have a positive body image, confront any shame that you were taught as a girl, overcome any abuse or betrayals, keep a journal. Release, release, release and see you at the Yoniverse Workshop. I recommend watching the Rites of Passage Institute’s YouTube Channel & any of the Rites of Passage Institute’s 1on1 sessions.