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Waste Nots - The New Must-Haves?!

Updated: May 6

If you’re thinking that thrift stores are strictly sifted through by low-income families, you are certainly mistaken. Thrifting is actually a growing market among people both young and old and of all nationalities around the world. Whether you’re looking to enhance your wardrobe, on a budget, or just love the thrill of finding unique items - thrifting is the way to go!

Shanna Simpson, owner of Naturally Unique By SOS, is no second hand at thrifting. In late 2019, she launched into her love for vintage/thrift items by purchasing & supporting resellers on Instagram. Pops of color, unique pieces, and the 80s/90s era drew her into this amazing community and ya girl’s been hooked ever since. So much so, she tackled thrifting herself & incorporated it into her business, where she now sells a variety of thrift found items consisting of blazers, shirts, skirts, and jackets.

As a vendor of statement accessories already, incorporating her thrift finds was a fit naturally unique, and perfectly hand-picked for her business.

Her go-to styles include blazers, graphic t-shirts, oversized button-ups, pencil skirts, faux leather, fedora's, unique earrings, and LOTS OF COLOR!

Suggestions to those seeking fashion/thrifting advice:

Shop the men’s section - The men's section has some gems so don't skip it. Shanna has found many dope blazers, button-ups, jackets, and graphic t-shirts all in this department.

Don’t be afraid of color & print mixing - Polka Dots and stripes are a great way to print-mix and create some stylish & bold looks.

Oversized clothing - Don't let a shirt or blazer that is too large keep you from making it yours. Simply tying it up or adding a stylish belt will solve that problem.

Grab pieces that can be styled in multiple ways. - When thrifting, grab items you can create different looks with. Faux leather skirts, denim, animal print, and oversized blazers are just a few of the many items that can be styled in so many ways. Take what you already have and simply enhance it!

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