A “Them” by Us Review

Updated: May 2

Lena Waithe, the creator of Showtime’s hit drama The Chi and BET’s Boomerang, executive-produced THEM, a horror sequence written by Little Marvin. As we explored the experiences of a middle-class African American family during the Jim Crow era, it eerily resembles the lives of so many African Americans today. Well, minus the ghost in the walls.

Making its debut on Amazon Prime in early April, this ten-episode production left us grappling with issues and tensions not always observed until a series of unfortunate events unfold. Captivated by everything black and brown-skinned casted to bring forth Marvin’s vision; the tone of the series was equally unabated during the telling of this beautiful yet familiar nightmare. As they each took turns being the glue that ultimately upheld one another, there were long moments of “us against them” never quite knowing just who would make it.