T.M.I.: The Male Identity

Updated: May 6

Peace Family,

I have a strong opinion (what I like to call "yip yap") that you might not like. I'm letting you know now, we won't always agree.

Your African Spirituality, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or whatever spiritual system you practice isn't enough to protect you, make you prosperous, or manifest the things you desire. It's NOT ENOUGH.

You're going to need knowledge and wisdom. Without knowledge, people are destroyed. Without the physical application of principles, concepts, strategies, and tactics, things won't work out. Without physically protecting your children, spouse, yourself, etc things can and will go wrong.. Prayers don't stop bullets, rapists/molesters, poverty, murderers, terrorists, racists, con artists, women beaters, media manipulation, and a host of other things... (The daily statistics showing how often these folk strike is off the chart... While over 5 Billion people pray daily/weekly). No place was more spiritual than Africa. It wasn't enough.

You must physically, in real life/reality, DO SOMETHING... and whatever actions you take they have to be rooted in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding (combined with spirituality). Your prayers won't cleanse the food/beverage from having toxins. If you eat toxic food you will develop diseases (cancer, diabetes, etc) and die. Knowledge of which foods to avoid and which foods to eat is key.

Research, ask questions, observe with a watchful eye, stay alert, ask more questions, gather intelligence, stay vigilant, double-check, triple-check, research some more, stay humble.

It takes a combination of action rooted in wisdom and courage plus spirituality. You need BOTH. Balance.

You want money? Study it thoroughly and develop a real plan to get it honestly and with integrity. Prayer isn't enough. Prayer doesn't stop poverty. A sound economic plan has to be in the mix. We need physical, tangible, sound action to manifest what we want and prevent the things we don't want... And even then life can be tricky.

"For 20 years I prayed with no answer until I prayed with my legs " - Frederick Douglass

Protect your family, yourself with your prayers AND your wisdom, decision making, wise counsel, straight right hand, guns, bats, martial arts, pepper spray, intuition, switching up your passwords, not letting anyone but proven folks around your children, reading books, learning from others, more wise counsel, more weapons, sound economics, etc., etc.


Maarifa Ukweli

IG: @maarifa_ukweli

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