STK Resturant Review

Updated: Jul 30

Accustomed to fine dining and upscale atmospheres, my only hope had been this establishment lived up to my standard of excellence. Tucked neatly on a midtown Manhattan block, elegance was served at every corner in STK Steakhouse.

On arrival, the hostess was warm and accommodating. Although I had arrived earlier than my reservation, my request for a booth situated in the middle of the house was honored. I was escorted to my oversized table adorned with beautiful long-stemmed flowers.

Accompanied by a good friend we opted to try some of everything. Nick, our gracious host and honorary friend in food, suggested we start with drinks. After bringing out a few of STK’s signature drinks, I settled on what is called the “Spill the Tea”. Sis, it’s such a vibe you have to try it. Soon came a slew of appetizers for us to sample. My favorite by far was everything, but I must say I absolutely loved the succulent flavor of the tuna tartare taco. The meat on the wagyu flat iron was so tender you barely had to chew. I loved it with the jalapeño cheddar grit croquette, this in itself was a treat. Have you ever had fried cheese grits? Chile! Don’t sleep on STK, they brought the flavor and that wasn’t even my main course.

Spending hours “spilling the tea” with my girl was priceless, but honey that bill was not, lol. While I won’t tell how much we splurged just know it was worth every freaking dollar. The service was unmatched the food was absolutely phenomenal and I can not wait to return.

Let a Bich know where you go to fine dining with friends.