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Updated: May 2

The damn price of bread just went up again and so is everything else - our barometer is registering some dramatic changes. The sky is talking. There's been awesome news in politics, a more diverse cabinet, and since we’re talking about money, the first black female running the Office of Management and Budget. However, we have far to go to prepare ourselves and our wallets. We have insights on why you need to “gird your loins” in this unsteady time, like, now. This energetic moment is telling us to get our proverbial shit together. Now is the time. The Universe has us on notice; we will not simply be pawns in a game unless we let the game play us.

From lumber to gas, food to clothes, the prices are rising and there isn’t an end in sight; even the White House said so. In a briefing memo released on April 12, they let us know this recession is coming. Women have been hit hard by the COVID pandemic, as are minorities. We will be hit hard by this recession as well. Numbers of women in the workforce rose slightly since the last recession in 2008-2009, but now, COVID has created a steady downturn. Guess why? You know why. Women are “more likely to work in hard-hit industries like hospitality and leisure, but many have been forced to leave their jobs due to lack of childcare”. Don’t you know it?

“Recessions typically fall hardest on racial and ethnic minorities, due to bias as well as a last-hired-first-fired dynamic ...The blow has fallen hardest on women of color. Since February, the number of Hispanic women in the U.S. labor force has fallen nearly 7 percent, the number of Black women declined 5.6%, and the number of white women by nearly 3%. That compares to a drop of just 1.7% for white men and less than 1% for Hispanic men. The drop for Black men was more than 4%.” (Source: Reuters)

In order to recover, we are going to need some insight and community invention. The planets have a lot to say about all of this and if we can get a leg up on it, we might be able to save our own behinds from being perpetual statistics. Recessions can be predicted just like the weather. Here’s what the astro weather is saying: Uranus and Saturn are squaring up. Uranus in Taurus, Saturn in Aquarius. Uranus is the HOT SURPRISE planet. Saturn is the hand of the heavens wagging a stern finger at you because you spent too much money. We see this square in our history showing ups and downs, but in every big recession what do we see? Uranus square to Saturn. Some themes around this square tell us to drive past Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Doughnuts on our way to work and make our own damn coffee (even on free doughnut day!). These themes tell us to delete the Amazon app, get rid of Netflix, and quit paying for the gym.

Instead, start a socially responsible savings account, even if it’s only ten bucks a month. Start reading the news or plotting your side-hustle instead of watching TV. Google all the at-home, body-weight exercises you can do without having to spend money driving to the gym or paying for a membership. Figure out your budget; where can you cut back? Where can we rely on our communities and get creative? “Who protects us? We protect us!” echoes the sentiments of the streets against police brutality. Hear us, people. You know it applies to more than just violent cops. We know how to harness resilience and have in-born, god-given agency. Now is the time to cash in on that ingenuity and rise above the mediocre expectations we have been expected to fill. Shine my dearies. Fucking save that money for your recession rainy day and let your sun shine until the real justice (reparations in Illinois) begins everywhere and the sun shines on a new chapter of history… Astrology and Life, with a capital L, tells us that we need balance (right now, think balancing the budget). Drawing from the astrological and economic trends, let us balance our current lives with our desires for the future and change. The Universe says we need to be prepared, so let’s start our own damn bakery.

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