Rico Realone Enlists Beretta Biz on "Used To That" Single

Updated: Jul 28

Rico Realone links up with Beretta Biz for an honest and raw track titled "Used To That." The single, which is the third single from Rico Realone's latest project, NA4R, touches on the topics of living in poverty, being numb to violence and death, and trying to overcome being a product of their environment. "Used To That" isn't glamorizing the hood/street life, but simply telling the story of hardship from the artists' own lens.

"They killing us/ We killing us/ How can we win the battle?/ Fighting over blocks / when we don't own the avenues," Rico Realone vividly raps. Sometimes too hard truths are easy to ignore, but Rico and Beretta Biz shed some light on those ugly realities. There can be a lot to unpack in the lyrics of "Used To That" and the overall song makes you sit and think.