Let Your Inner Trapper out with the Newest King Beli Mixtape!

Updated: May 2

Some of us practice meditation, some of us do Pilates, and some of us even [insert another very adult-ish hobby]. Regardless of how you find peace and relax, music is what keeps us livid. When it comes to Hip Hop, there are so many levels to the culture and the styles of music. When we were sent this Mixtape for a review we all realized that no matter how much we've grown and become the awesome entrepreneurs we are, we still like dirty south trap music. The memes are there because they are true. We actually do bump trap music on the way to the grocery store!

This weekend, and more than likely the following week, we will probably be bumping a track or two from "I'm Hungry 2", a mixtape by King Beli hosted by DJ Derrick Geeter (a mixtape G.O.A.T), DJ Ike Gda (a Carolina legend and Core DJ), and DJ Dellmatic (a true record-breaker and Fleet DJ). To give you a quick rundown, this mixtape is 11 tracks of Belimix's. This means these are remixes of another song but King Beli put his own touch on it. We could go find the original songs but we prefer the Belimix currently so why ruin the experience?! Our favorite 3 are the No More Parties Belimix, Oppa Stoppa, and Racks On me. Take a listen below.

King Beli is an artist signed to an independent Record Label called Derty North Entertainment and known for his singles "Juice Her Up" featuring Renni Rucci, "Big Bank" featuring Toosii, and "Problem", which released last year on his debut project titled Itz Up which was distributed by Empire. To find out more or to keep up with this young talented artist, follow him on Instagram. We are looking forward to interviewing him in the near future!

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