Creative Journaling with @LilacJream

When I was eleven I started a Diary because I felt alone, as most pre-teens do, with no one to divulge their secrets to. I barely kept up with the little pink book, let alone the key needed to unlock it, and it was quickly lost in the shuffle of nail polish and lip gloss. So when I went to a therapist for the first time as an adult, you can imagine my dismay when she asked me if I journaled.

“Like a diary?” I remember asking.

“Think of it like notes," she smiled. “A way to let it all flow without feeling overwhelmed to retain or even organize all the information at once.”

Still, I struggled with the idea. I have so many thoughts running through my mind at any given time, where do I start? How can I keep them all organized? I love to write, why is this so tedious? Then came the doodles. Just little images relating to specific words that made me look forward to looking back over my life notes. It was my own little life hack and it made the idea of journaling a little less intimidating as I began to look at it as a work of art.

Now here I am into my second journal and ready to delve into a whole new world of journaling I never knew existed. So when I came across this lovely lady name Jade on Tik Tok, I told W.I.L.D.! that she was going to be my interview