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When I was eleven I started a Diary because I felt alone, as most pre-teens do, with no one to divulge their secrets to. I barely kept up with the little pink book, let alone the key needed to unlock it, and it was quickly lost in the shuffle of nail polish and lip gloss. So when I went to a therapist for the first time as an adult, you can imagine my dismay when she asked me if I journaled.

“Like a diary?” I remember asking.

“Think of it like notes," she smiled. “A way to let it all flow without feeling overwhelmed to retain or even organize all the information at once.”

Still, I struggled with the idea. I have so many thoughts running through my mind at any given time, where do I start? How can I keep them all organized? I love to write, why is this so tedious? Then came the doodles. Just little images relating to specific words that made me look forward to looking back over my life notes. It was my own little life hack and it made the idea of journaling a little less intimidating as I began to look at it as a work of art.

Now here I am into my second journal and ready to delve into a whole new world of journaling I never knew existed. So when I came across this lovely lady name Jade on Tik Tok, I told W.I.L.D.! that she was going to be my interview for Spring Issue.

When were you introduced to journaling?

I’ve been journaling off and on in some capacity since I was five years old. I was introduced to creative journaling back in 2015 when I came across a video about fauxbonichi journaling. Looking back at some of my old journals and planners I realized that I also had already been doing some form of this already.

What made you really want to dive into it?

It had been a while since I had journaled with any consistency but when I saw the many fauxbonichi journals on YouTube, I was inspired to get out my pen and crafting supplies I’d accumulated and began journaling.

When most people think of journaling they think of a book with a bunch of words, maybe the occasional doodle but I have seen your videos on Tik Tok. Some of your pages are works of art. How would you describe your journaling style?

That is incredibly kind of you, thank you! I just refer to it as creative journaling since it’s not just putting pen to paper. I also think of it as a meditative practice. It is a place where I can be creative, express my thoughts and ideas, and fall into a flow state. When I am creative journaling, I lose time. Hours can feel like minutes and I just get lost in what I’m doing.

What made you take on this style?

It makes me feel good and as I said before it lets me express myself and be creative with more than just words. I also love the way it looks. It’s pretty and something I love looking back through on occasion.

Name 3 things, besides a notebook and pen, that you need to start creating a journal?

A pen and journal is really all that you need. However, when it comes to creative journaling other materials, I love to use watercolors for background color, washi tape, and stickers.

Where are some of your favorite places to pick up journaling supplies?

Before the pandemic, my favorite place was Tuesday Morning. Their stock has been a bit disappointing since the pandemic though. Other places I buy items from are Michaels, Joann, Amazon and

Your YouTube Channel Lilac Jream shows you working on multiple journals at any given time. How do you decide what to dedicate a journal to?

I have a ridiculous number of interests and I also stumble upon journaling challenges I want to participate in. I have always been a separatist though. I like to have a journal dedicated specifically for each idea or interest otherwise everything would be a jumbled mess and my brain can’t take that.

How do you decide what to put on each page?

I also keep a daily journal that is just writing where I can recount the day and also dump out any thoughts or feelings that stayed with me during the day. To create a spread, I go back through this journal and decide what was significant enough to create a journal spread about. Other times it could be just an idea that struck me like making a list of my favorite reads.

You use the term “Brain Dump” often. Explain what it means to you and how you came up with that term?

It’s a common term in the journaling community. For me, it just means dumping any ideas or information I want to make note of in a notebook. This way I don’t forget it and can go back and delve further into what I made a note of. For instance, I might write down a website I want to check out, a book I might want to buy, or a list of shows I want to watch, or even ideas for YouTube.

What are some key tips you would give to someone who is trying to start journaling?

  • There are no rules. It is your journal, and you can do what you want with it.

  • Decide what the purpose of your journal is. (To record tv shows, Commonplace Book?)

  • Don’t go out and buy a load of expensive supplies. Start with less expensive stuff you can find at the Dollar Tree to try it out and see if you think you’ll stick with it. If so then I advise maybe spending a little more money on a journal that has the type of paper you’re looking for. (Do you want to watercolor, paint, use fountain pens?)

  • Do NOT make this a chore. You want this to be fun and something you want to do. If you’re not feeling it on a particular day, that is fine. Take a break and get back to it when you’re inspired to. You don’t want something that is fun and an escape to become something you dread.

  • Don’t compare your journal with anyone else’s. There is no right or wrong. You can get and take inspiration from others when just beginning. Eventually, you will fall into your own style.


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