Battlestar America. A Hip Hop Summary. 🌹🌹🌹🌹

Don't expect to hear this single in the background of any social media dance challenge videos where they appropriate black culture for likes and shares...

Ok, ok wait. I'ma chill.

This isn't "one of those" types of articles but if it caught your attention and you know what I am talking about, then I am glad you are enlightened to the truth. lol We love all kinds of music here at W.I.L.D.! and I especially love when we get a Hip Hop gem in the email. So we highly recommend you check out this single titled "Battlestar America". We gave it 4 out of 5 Roses!

As you press play you are soothed into a dope laid-back bop and then the explosive voice of Dasan Ahanu, "home of the killers/they want us all zombies like the extras in Thriller". Bar after bar, Dasan is practically teaching his audience the realities within politics and Black American Culture. Bar after bar, there's a message, and it's catchy! No matter how much you don't want to acknowledge the troubling politics and the state of Black American Culture in this country today, Hip Hop has always been a key component to awakening the youth and connecting the culture to what's really going on.

Dasan is a public speaker, organizer, curator, educator, poet, spoken word artist, educator, songwriter, and emcee born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. With this kind of background, it's no wonder he was able to put together a track like this. I want to note that he is also a co-founder and managing director of Black Poetry Theatre in Durham. They are responsible for the creation and production of many popular poetry and spoken word-based productions in the Bull City and surrounding areas.

The single features a strong youthful voice from a Hip Hop Recording artist by the name of Fashyn. Her verse gave some serious juice to the song and overall made the single feel like we were getting a verse of emotional outrage from two different generations in the form of rhyme.

Listen to the song below and click on any other following to hear more from this artist.





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