Updated: May 2

It's Taurus Season Wildlings! Are you the bull or the bullshitter? Time to get it together and grab the bull by the horns - or the balls. 🤔

Enough of the star talk let's get into your sun sign...


  • December: Focus on not focusing on everything; overthinking is causing you to lose focus.

  • January: It’s time for you to start asking yourself serious questions about your future, like, Is there more out there for me? What more can life offer me?


  • January: You are all over the place. It’s time to organize that scattered energy. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

  • February: You’re seeking hearts while everyone else is seeking stars, Go for it! Everybody needs love.


  • February: Time to get serious. If you play now, you'll pay later. Summer is coming!

  • March: Okay Pisces, no more lies, everyone knows the truth, you don't have to admit you’re lying or even admit the truth, just stop the lies!


  • March: Stop whining, the deed is done. Put on a fake smile as you always do and keep pushing.

  • April: Are you tired of pleasing people yet? If not, continue on, there is an ass load of people waiting to take advantage of you.


  • April: You can come out of hiding now, it's your season, literally, you should be asking the universe to open the doorway to your miracles, guaranteed to bend in your favor.

  • May: Glad you're finally thinking about the things you need to change in your daily life. All you have to do now is actually act on those things. Change doesn’t come without action.


  • May: Take a break, you're going to need it. Some things that you thought have passed, have been resurrected and are fiercely brewing without your knowledge.

  • June: Everybody wants to be a Gemini this year or is trying to have one. 🙃 Just use protection, Covid isn’t the only thing lurking in these streets.


  • June: It’s been a pretty dry year, and you might be suffering from cabin fever, no problem, get out, get some air, dig your claws in the sand, if you're going to pull out your wallet, try to save more than you spend.

  • July: If you actually loved people the way you did in your head, you wouldn't be single. Grow up crab, life's too short to die alone.


  • July: Your pockets, like your fellow sign before you are on fire!! Only you’ve been saving for the hot days to come, do us a favor, take your mama with you.

  • August: It’s all about self-love, mighty lion. The best is yet to come, please tackle that mane, you're a lion not a Chia pet.


  • August: Don’t be so thirsty for the kool-aid that you forget to ask, Who made it? Research first or you’re going to be sorry later.

  • September: Oh it’s our favorite undercover freak! Your silence isn’t deadly, it's cowardly. Speak up or out, eventually, the mic is going to be passed to you.


  • September: Money or Love, lady of the scales! We know you represent balance but between the two of these words, there is nothing but confusion, pick a side homie, sorry you can’t have both. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • October: You love putting your two cents in everybody's business, and fine, you’re good with your voice of reasoning, but when are you going to use the common sense you already have for your own well-being?


  • October: Money, Money, Money, the stars have aligned for your pockets to be plumper than last year, however, don’t be a stingy stinger. You are going to need those same people again.

  • November: Sex or love dammit! You're confusing the people who think you really love them. Don't let your sexual appetite be your downfall. Maybe you need a Libra. 🤷🏾‍♀️


  • November: Stop being a bully, you only control your actions and feelings, people are getting tired of being nice to you. Sat down!

  • December: We are not too sure who pissed in your corn flakes, but this spiceless mass you’ve turned into is a no for us. It could be the extra intake of sugar 🤷🏾‍♀️, cheering up, and eating jello when you’re feeling down is a great way to keep your sugar low and your good vibes high.

No matter your sign, be kind to yourself as well as others, and the universe will surely pay you tenfold.

Until we read you again!

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