Zola: A W. I. L. D.! Movie Review

Updated: Jul 30

It wasn’t until my culturally clued-in editor put me on to, what twitter considered the “Greatest stripper saga ever tweeted” that I ever heard the name, Zola. According to social media this “heaux tale” took place back in 2015. Zola takes us on a misadventure from Detroit to Florida all in the name of a dollar. You know what they say right? All that glitters, isn’t gold. Haven’t gotten around to the original story? Indulge your senses here. After reading through the thread I lit up with excitement, thinking “oh this is going to be good”.


Imagine my surprise when I had to watch the movie twice because I thought I inadvertently missed something the first time. I firmly stand by my initial reaction of boredom. While I give kudos to the film makers for producing great quality work on an independent budget, the story was lifeless. Sure, the light humor kept the movie afloat, but the plot just wasn’t thick enough. I mean Zola, sis, you could’ve embellished a bit for the sake of the movie.. maybe started off as a book? Honestly it felt like I spent an hour and a half watching one long ass scene. Was I missing something? Where was the action? I’m sorry girl this just won’t it!!!


My favorite part might have been watching TS Madison blessing them hoes in the name of hella niggas and hella dollars. Seriously, the actual Twitter thread accompanied with a little daydreaming would’ve sufficed my curiosity all the same.. and saved my editor a few dollars.

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