20 Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored

Reality Check Yall: Last year around this time we spent A LOT of time in the house. Bars were closing, social distancing rules spread fast, and we all became bored and bothered. Even if you’re a total hermit like me, you can still run out of productive things to do. What I mean by productive is doing something OTHER THAN mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds.

So here's a list of 20 productive things to pass any extra time! Now, remember, when I say be productive doesn’t necessarily mean doing work, but simply put, doing things that have a much more positive impact on your well-being. Scrolling through Instagram or Tik Tok for hours really can affect your sleeping pattern guys!

  1. Watch inspiring shows or documentaries on Netflix or Youtube.

  2. It's almost like choosing to read a book because you will learn something.

  3. Your mind is focused on the show and not a scattered news feed.

  4. Go through the App Store and look for cool apps

  5. Back up your laptop and phone

  6. Give yourself a manicure!

  7. Clip them, smooth out the nail with a file, wash them and oil your cuticles!

  8. Give yourself a spa day

  9. Write or journal (we have a journal for you to start out with)

  10. Declutter old files on your computer

  11. Go through your downloads folder and trash items you no longer use

  12. Go to those folders you created but do not use and delete them; makes more room for a faster PC!

  13. Declutter photos on your phone and computer

  14. No matter if you're an Android or iPhone, your phone can tell you which files on your device haven't been used in more than 6 months- back them up in your cloud (if need them) and delete them!

  15. Choose pictures you want to print (and print them!)

  16. Go through old family photo albums

  17. For online photo albums, go through them, update tags & captions (if needed)

  18. For photobooks in your house, make sure they are not sticking together! You can also take photos of them with your phone and add them to your cloud!

  19. Start a manifestation journal (again, we have just the journal for you!)

  20. Make a scrapbook journal with souvenirs from trips, concerts, etc.

  21. To find these, you might actually have to clean out a closet of shoebox first but wherever they are, get creative and give them some razzle-dazzle

  22. Make a bucket list

  23. Don't know where to start? Start with Top 10 places you want to visit and/or Top foods you want to try out.

  24. Do a guided meditation (We share our Top 5 Meditation Apps in the Manifestation Issue)

  25. Take an online course and learn something that can make you money in the future

  26. For example, Skillshare and Udemy have tons of courses and classes to start.

  27. Organize and clean your closet (If you complete this then I hope your next move it to scrapbook what you found in there!

  28. Organize and clean your dresser!

  29. There might be a lotion bottle that needs to just go in the trash. if you never use it, trash it or give it away!

  30. Dust away the dust bunnies!

  31. Wash your makeup brushes!

  32. If you don't have any then wash your hairbrushes and combs

  33. TIP: Use detergent and water and let them soak for a bit in the sink

  34. Paint a masterpiece!

  35. You can do a sip & paint right in your house! Canvas boards are being discovered for sale for $1-$5 in Family Dollar and Dollar Tree

  36. Subscribe to us because we plan on hosting virtual sip and paints in the future!

  37. Tye dye everything in sight

  38. If you don't have any dye laying around, don't fear, use bleach! lol but be very careful bc it will lighten anything it touches.

Do you have any suggestions? Are you an Influencer that has content featuring any of the above tips? Please drop a comment and let us know!!

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