20 Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored

Updated: Jul 30

Reality Check Yall: Last year around this time we spent A LOT of time in the house. Bars were closing, social distancing rules spread fast, and we all became bored and bothered. Even if you’re a total hermit like me, you can still run out of productive things to do. What I mean by productive is doing something OTHER THAN mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds.

So here's a list of 20 productive things to pass any extra time! Now, remember, when I say be productive doesn’t necessarily mean doing work, but simply put, doing things that have a much more positive impact on your well-being. Scrolling through Instagram or Tik Tok for hours really can affect your sleeping pattern guys!

  1. Watch inspiring shows or documentaries on Netflix or Youtube.

  2. It's almost like choosing to read a book because you will learn something.

  3. Your mind is focused on the show and not a scattered news feed.

  4. Go through the App Store and look for cool apps

  5. Back up your laptop and phone

  6. Give yourself a manicure!

  7. Clip them, smooth out the nail with a file, wash them and oil your cuticles!

  8. Give yourself a spa day